Do You Accept My Insurance?

If you have an HSA or FSA, you can absolutely use it with us!

However, we are currently not contracted with any insurance companies. We are happy to provide billing codes upon request if you wish to self file. Please contact your insurance company to see what benefits may be covered if you decide to self file.

We know that working with an out of network doc can be frustrating to many because of how much money we give to our health insurance company, but this was a deliberate decision and we would love to explain why.

The truth is that insurance companies focus on disease management instead of ways to find out the root cause of your symptoms...which is what chiropractic and functional medicine is all about! Although it is typically more expensive, there are benefits to working with a practitioner who is out of network with insurance companies.

Being out of network gives us the opportunity and freedom to give you more personalized care, use more specialty/investigative labs, and ultimately get to the root cause of why you're feeling crappy.

We are able to spend far more time with you than if I were getting reimbursed by insurance and we're not being told what tests we should or should not order based on the standard of care the insurance company deems covered or reasonable. We have the freedom to choose the specialty test that we think is best for YOU. This allows for a much more personalized care plan.

With that being said, there are some instances where labs may be covered or partially covered by your insurance and we are happy to co-manage your care with an ordering practitioner who is in network with your insurance to save you money! However, it is your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage.

Ultimately, our hope is that one day, insurance companies will see the benefits of chiropractic and functional medicine.

Can You Be My Primary Care Doctor?

The short answer is no.

Due to licensing regulations in the state of Texas, we cannot be your primary care doctor. We strongly recommend all clients retain an MD, NP, PA, or DO as their primary care providers and keep them informed in your care plans with us.

Is There A Late Cancellation Or No Show Fee?

Please provide us with a 24 hour notice if you cannot make your appointment to avoid any late or no show fees.

If you do not show or contact us prior to your appointment, you will be charged half of the total appointment price.

We understand that life happens and things come up, so we're happy to accommodate on a case by case basis, just talk to us!

Do You Take Medicare Patients?

We are not accepting any Medicare patients at this time.

Do You Take X-Rays?

We currently do not have an onsite x-ray machine, but we do refer out for x-rays if needed! This would be an additional cost paid directly to the imaging center.

Functional Medicine

How Are The Recommended Supplements Different Than Store Bought?

We only use physician-grade, top-quality supplements that are backed by research studies. Dr. Nolley does a great deal of research to check quality, potency, synergistic formulations, bio-availability, and whether important standards are met by the manufacturing facilities including testing and monitoring for potential contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological organisms. You won’t be guaranteed this level of quality assurance when buying off the shelf, online, or at a store.

Can I Get The Recommended Labs From My PCP So Insurance Will Cover It?

You can always talk to your PCP and/or contact your insurance company to see if the recommended labs are covered. The fact is, a lot of the labs we used are considered "investigative" by the insurance companies and therefore are not covered. We use these more "investigative" labs so we can get to the root cause of what's going on and can create a more targeted and personalized care plan.

If your insurance will cover your recommended labs, we are happy to co-manage with your ordering physician!


What Causes Us To Be Misaligned Or Subluxated?

Physical, emotional, and chemical stressors of life affect our ability to adapt and take a toll on our nervous system. This toll can create subluxations (misalignments) within our spine. As we live with these misalignments, our body has less direct communication with our brain affecting our ability to take in, and respond to, the world around us.


  • Physical Stressors - car accidents, broken bones, and sports injuries

  • Emotional Stressors - trauma, not feeling safe, and lack of community

  • Chemical Stressors - diets high in processed foods, candles, beauty products, and housecleaning products

What's That Popping Sound All About?

There are many techniques in chiropractic, some can cause a release of gas in the joint that is being adjusted. When that gas is released, it causes the famous popping sound you hear. We like to refer to this as bone toots ;)

If the sound is scary to you, we are happy to incorporate a more gentle technique that won't create it, we ultimately want you to feel comfortable and safe in your care.

What Is The Benefit Of A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractic adjustments performed by board certified and licensed chiropractors have a significant impact on the nervous systems adaptability, and aid in pain control. Adjustments help to correct spinal misalignments, reduce pain, increase brain/body communication, improve range of motion, improve posture, and reduce tension on the nervous system.

What's The Education Of A Chiropractor Look Like?

Chiropractors have to endure an intensive multiyear program similar to other healthcare practitioners in order to get their license to practice. It starts by earning an undergraduate degree, or a 3 year minimum of undergraduate studies with an emphasis in sciences. They then enroll in an accredited Chiropractic school where they spend 3.5 years with more than 4,200 hours of class and lab work where they are immersed in all things related to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, adjusting techniques, and more. Along with this, they need to complete an internship where they focus on adjusting and caring for patients prior to graduating. After graduation, there are 5 national board examinations that must be passed in order to earn their right to practice chiropractic.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Kids?


Birth is the most traumatic thing to happen to a baby's spine and nervous system. Adjusting kids ensures that their nervous system is clear of any interference in order to ensure proper neurological development. Babies and kids who get adjusted from an early age have a better trajectory of health and an increased ability to adapt to the stressors of life and function at their most optimal.

When it comes to adjusting kiddos, we use the amount of pressure you would use to check the ripeness of an avocado. It's safe, effective, and most kids love it!

Can I Get Adjusted During Pregnancy?

Of course!

We encourage those who are expecting to get their spines checked by a chiropractor. There is a whole technique called "The Webster Technique" which helps to analyze and correct the pelvis of a pregnant human. We like to ensure that the pelvis is aligned properly to ensure that the birth canal is able to expand through pregnancy, labor, and birth. A misaligned pelvis can put tension on the uterus and restrict movement of the baby, hence a more painful and uncomfortable pregnancy; as well as longer labor times. We also want to ensure that the nervous system is balanced during this time to help both momma and baby be in a more relaxed parasympathetic state.

What Techniques Do You Use?

We blend several techniques and use the technique that is going to serve you best. Since all of our care is personalized to YOUR body and nervous system, not everyone will be adjusted in the exact same way.

That being said, we utilize a combination of Diversified, Drop Table, Instrument Assisted Adjusting, Gonstead, Torque Release Technique, and Toggle.

We may also incorporate or recommend some soft tissue elements such as myofascial release, PNF stretching, cupping, or kinesiotaping.