Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

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Tired of feeling like your symptoms are all in your head or something isn’t right, even though all your labs are normal? At Caim Chiropractic + Functional Medicine in Austin, Texas, we understand the frustration of being unable to find answers to your health concerns. That's why we use functional medicine and specialty lab testing to help get to the root cause of your symptoms and create a personalized care plan to get you back to doing what you love.

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Unearthing the Root Cause With Functional Medicine

Let’s test, not guess! Our proactive approach uncovers the underlying factors causing your symptoms. Dr. Shaina Nolley has extensive education in interpreting labs such as the GI MAP, Organic Acids Test, DUTCH Test, SIBO Breath Test, 3x4 Genetic Test, Allergy 88, Total Tox Burden, functional blood labs, and more. Through testing, we can identify imbalances or dysfunctions contributing to your health issues and create a targeted treatment plan beyond symptom management.

Learn About Functional Medicine Testing

A Wide Range of Health Conditions

Functional medicine aims to ask WHY your symptoms are occurring and what the root cause is. We’re like detectives who look at the body as a whole and don’t just put a band-aid on symptoms. We address various health conditions, including digestive issues (IBS, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, loose stool), fatigue, brain fog, reproductive/hormonal health (PCOS, painful menses, menopause), and more. Dr. Shaina Nolley is here to guide you toward optimal wellness and educate you on tools to live a more preventative and holistic lifestyle.

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Customized Care for Your Well-Being

With personalized care plans, we tailor our approach to your unique needs. A comprehensive intake, including lab orders (additional cost), ensures a thorough understanding of your health. Our holistic approach combines specialized lifestyle recommendations, personalized supplementation, and dietary adjustments to support your overall well-being.

Functional Medicine Membership

  • Detailed Intake With Lab Orders (Additional Cost) for a Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • Report of Findings, including a Personalized Protocol Based on Lab Findings

  • 5 Follow-Up Sessions to Track Progress

  • Access to the Well World App

Our membership gives you a thorough health evaluation and a personalized plan for your unique needs. You’ll also get ongoing support and access to the Well World App for easy progress monitoring, reminders, and direct communication with Dr. Shain. Take advantage of our membership to optimize your wellness journey today.

Steps on Your Functional Medicine Health Journey

Here are the steps we will take together on your functional medicine health journey:

Support (2 - 4 weeks)

  1. Commitment to change

  2. Partnership development

  3. Lifestyle and habit changes: food, sleep, movement, mindfulness

  4. Specialty lab testing for a clear picture

Relief (3 - 6 weeks)

  1. Addressing initial barriers

  2. Symptom relief

  3. Work on poor digestion, inflammation, and stress

  4. Identifying essential nutritional needs

  5. Recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes

Root Cause (3 - 6 months)

  1. Digging deeper to uncover the reason behind your symptoms.

  2. Addressing the four main root causes — we rarely see significant changes made until the following issues are resolved:

    1. Gut Infections

    2. Leaky Gut

    3. Liver Congestion

    4. Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Fine Tuning (1 - 3 months)

  1. Depending on your body's response to the initial protocol.

  2. Minor adjustments based on progress.

  3. Additional testing if challenges persist. This is where we focus on hormonal balance, focused nutrition, and immune health.

Maintaining Health (6 - 12 months, depending on compliance)

  1. Minimal interventions, because you now know to incorporate good self-care.

  2. Education on being connected to your body, knowing how to identify issues and respond quickly to avoid a bigger problem.

  3. Encouragement to share everything you have learned about healthy living with others in your community.

Start Your Journey with a Complimentary Discovery Consultation

See if functional medicine is right for you by booking a complimentary 15-minute discovery phone call with Dr. Nolley. During this call, she will learn about your case, address any questions or concerns, and provide you with detailed notes and personalized next steps. Please note that all functional medicine virtual visits are exclusively available for Texas and California residents.

Don't let your symptoms dictate your quality of life. Take control of your health and unlock the power of functional medicine at Caim. Start your journey towards optimal wellness and schedule a consultation today.

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Caim Chiropractic + Functional Medicine does not claim to treat or diagnose related issues outside of the subluxation complex as it relates to the musculoskeletal system.