Do You Accept My Insurance?

If you have an HSA or FSA, you can absolutely use it with us!

However, we are currently not contracted with any insurance companies. We are happy to provide billing codes upon request if you wish to self file. Please contact your insurance company to see what benefits may be covered if you decide to self file.

We know that working with an out of network doc can be frustrating to many because of how much money we give to our health insurance company, but this was a deliberate decision and we would love to explain why.

The truth is that insurance companies focus on disease management instead of ways to find out the root cause of your symptoms...which is what chiropractic and functional medicine is all about! Although it is typically more expensive, there are benefits to working with a practitioner who is out of network with insurance companies.

Being out of network gives us the opportunity and freedom to give you more personalized care, use more specialty/investigative labs, and ultimately get to the root cause of why you're feeling crappy.

We are able to spend far more time with you than if I were getting reimbursed by insurance and we're not being told what tests we should or should not order based on the standard of care the insurance company deems covered or reasonable. We have the freedom to choose the specialty test that we think is best for YOU. This allows for a much more personalized care plan.

With that being said, there are some instances where labs may be covered or partially covered by your insurance and we are happy to co-manage your care with an ordering practitioner who is in network with your insurance to save you money! However, it is your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage.

Ultimately, our hope is that one day, insurance companies will see the benefits of chiropractic and functional medicine.